Welcome to the Gateway at PEAK

Real Estate developer Milligan has formed a joint venture to develop the UK’s first fully serviced national park gateway.

The Gateway at PEAK will be part of the PEAK Resort Development owned by Birchall Properties which is a 300-acre site, consented on the eastern boundary of the Peak District National Park.

The Gateway at PEAK’s mission is to develop and operate an environmentally friendly Gateway project
for The Peak District National Park, creating a green hub for like-minded brands, service
providers, experiences, amenities, and a base camp for exploration of the UK’s first National Park.

This will be a world-class exemplar of a sustainable tourism project.

Milligan is currently working alongside the project’s partners, to seek feedback and ideas from parties who would like to be involved in shaping the Gateway.

About Milligan

Milligan has been developing retail and leisure destinations for over 18 years. Milligan has conceived, developed, and operated retail centres, leisure experiences, airport and transport commerce, traditional markets, mixed-use and regeneration projects and living communities across the UK and Europe.

Milligan has developed, asset-managed or partnered on properties valued at more than £5bn. The team has developed mixed-use destinations in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Barcelona, Bilbao, for the likes of Center Parcs and Camden Lock Market.

Milligan works with carefully chosen partners and likeminded brands to bring together the best in specialist knowledge, creating something unique and inspirational at every destination they develop.


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Partners & Stakeholders

Milligan is proud to partner with the following organisations to plan how we develop and operate an environmentally friendly Gateway project – the Gateway at PEAK, for The Peak District National Park.

Peak District National Park
University of derby
PDNP Foundation

Frequently asked questions

Planning has been consented for the Gateway on the Eastern boundary of the park.

An exploration and idea gathering stage is now being entered into in order to define the role and uses for the Gateway which best fit the needs of the local community, its stakeholders and the millions of tourists which visit the Peak District National Park each year.

Once the exploration phase has been completed in September 2020, a detailed building specification will be finalised, and it is intended that construction will start in 2021.

The Gateway at Peak is currently developing plans for a programme of strategic marketing partnerships with a number of brands.

Partner brands may have access to a range of valuable marketing benefits such as the integration of a brand’s products and innovations into the visitor experience, as a brand showcase and/or retail opportunity.

One of the main intentions of the Gateway is to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic on the roads throughout the Peak District National Park.

The Gateway at PEAK will have plenty of parking and services to book onward travel into the park and the opportunity to shift into electric cars, group transport and more sustainable ways of exploring the park’s natural beauty spots. Currently, 85% of visitors arrive by car, so this will make a big difference.

The building itself will be specified with construction material and methods which will minimise its carbon footprint and more will be announced about this.

It is expected that various competitions will be held from September 2020 to appoint contractors to the Gateway at PEAK.

Please use this form to contact Milligan if you’d like to be involved in any way.

For further FAQs about PEAK Resort, visit: Peak Liaison

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